Employee Termination

High-Risk Employee Termination

Employee termination can be very cumbersome. When an employee does not show high-risk red flags, being aware of potential threats can be a proactive way to save time and money and protect your customers and maintain your company’s integrity.

Employee termination can come in many different forms:
  • Misconduct
  • Insubordination
  • Thief
  • Underperformance

The process is never easy and often uncomfortable, but why not put yourself and those around you at ease? Awareness of potential high-risk terminations is essential in determining the best course of action, and Off Duty Officers, Inc. can help. Following are some things to watch for as you approach an employee termination.

A high-risk employee may exhibit the following:
  • Disgruntled (often complains and has a victim mentality)
  • Verbal and non-verbal threats against other employees or the organization
  • History of violence
  • Sudden changes in behavior, including explosive responses to feedback, aggression with others, excessive tardiness, and unexplained absences, can also indicate an employee that could be a higher risk

As mentioned before, these characteristics do not necessarily mean that your employee termination will require an additional security presence or result in workplace violence. Still, it is crucial to be aware of circumstances that may put yourself and others at risk.
Hiring security or adding additional security team members in a potentially high-risk situation provides a safe environment for your business to carry on as usual and a sense of security for your employees and clients. The professional and experienced security officers of Off Duty Officers, Inc., ensure a controlled and seamless exit for any high-risk termination.

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