Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security We Are Here To Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Construction sites are some of the largest targets of theft and vandalism! Statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated that the total value of stolen equipment in 2016 was nearing $300 million. And what makes these statistics even more alarming is that the rate of recovery for heavy equipment is only about 20%.

For someone responsible for a construction site, these numbers indicate just how critical construction site security is to the overall safety and success of your project. No matter the size or scope of your construction project, the potential financial risks of theft and vandalism are high. The side effects of these crimes are much more than just property loss – they can have a serious impact on your ability to complete the job on time and within budget.

We offer 24/7 Construction Site Security

At Off Duty Officers, we partner with clients in the construction industry to provide experienced security guards who understand the intricacies of large construction sites. Our guards are skilled at handling the most pressing security issues that you face including trespassing, theft, and vandalism. We also know that every construction site is different. That’s why we work with you to create custom security solutions that meet your unique needs.

Construction sites are vulnerable and require a 24/7 security presence is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your valuable assets. Contact Off Duty Officers today to learn more about how our Construction Site Security Services can safeguard your job site.

Duty, Officers provide construction site security guards who can help you combat security challenges both during and after hours, including:

  • Heavy equipment theft and vandalism
  • Material Theft
  • Tool Theft
  • Site access control and monitoring
  • Detecting and managing trespassers
  • Removal of loiterers
  • Mitigating employee theft
  • Detecting hazards that could result in injury
  • Managing homeless activity on site
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